Coordinates, Dimension and Constraints.

Abstract:Starting with the principle of coordinates, concept of Dimension as in linear algebra and geometry, I will end up with geometric meaning of implicit function theorem.

About the Speaker:Prof. S. Kumaresan received B. Sc. and M. Sc. degrees from Annamalai university. He then moved to Mumbai and joined Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for Ph. D. After a sprint at the Institute of Advanced studies, Princeton, he graduated from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. His research interests lie in diffrential geometry and partial differential equations arising in geometry. He served at University of Mumbai and then at University of Hydrabad from where he retired as Dean of School of Mathematics and Statistics in 2015. He is currently professor emiratus at University of Hyderabad.

He is the convener of a National level programme called “Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme” (MTTS, in short) since 1993 for undergraduate students. This activity is supported by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM). He is running this programme tirelessly with same enthusiam with which he started it. The aim of this programme is to attract talented young students towards mathematics by giving them a better perspective of modern mathematics than given at the college or university level. He has introduced newer methods of teaching which ensure students’ participations and imbibe logical and mathematical thinking amongst students. Approximately 200 undergraduate students are trained at three different locations in the country every year under this programme. Many professors at leading reaserch institutions in India acknowledge the improvement in the quality of incoming research students in mathematics, thanks to this programme.

Prof. Kumaresan has given 200+ invited lectures at various institutions, colleges and universities to popularise mathematics. His excellent teaching methodology has enabled him to write many expository articles in mathematics. He has also written quality books for undergraduate students on various topics in analysis, linear algebra and geometry. He is the recepient of INSA Teachers Award - 2013 and is the first mathematician to receive this award.