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Title Type Date
Workshops on Writing Science Workshop 2017-09-18
Erasmus Plus workshop on 'Colour and Light in Behaviour and Ecology' Workshop 2017-06-26
Basic Aspects of Nonlinear Dynamics and its Application Workshop 2017-04-03
Chromosome Stability 2016 Conference 2016-12-15
The 1st Cryo Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing of Macromolecular Assemblies and Cellular Tomography (CEM3DIP) Workshop 2016-07-02
Workshop on High Performance Scientific Computing Workshop 2016-06-06
ISCAN 2016 Conference 2016-03-09
Indo-UK Workshop on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications Conference 2015-12-09
All India Cell Biology Conference Conference 2015-12-06
Scales in Biology: From genes to ecosystems,
IISER TVM - National University of Singapore Joint Symposium, 21-22 September 2015
Workshop 2015-09-21
School of Biology R Workshop, 11 - 15 September, 2015. Workshop 2015-09-11
The 2nd conference on Chromosome Stability Conference 2014-12-18
8th Asian Photochemistry Conference 2014 (APC 2014) Conference 2014-11-13
Advanced Level Training Programme on Differential Equations Conference 2014-06-13
GW@ASI2014: Satellite workshop on Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the ASI Meeting Workshop 2014-03-19
4th Biannual meeting of heads of Max-Planck partner groups Conference 2013-04-27
ASI-2013 meeting to be jointly hosted by IISER-TVM Conference 2013-02-28
Chromosome Stability Conference 2012-12-20
ICTS winter school on Stochastic Analysis and Control of Fluid Flow(03-Dec to 20-Dec,2012) Conference 2012-12-20
Inter-IISER-NISER Ecology and Evolution meeting cum Tropical Biology Training School Conference 2012-12-16
International Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing(IWMS 2012) Conference 2012-05-31
Workshop on Field theory and Gravity Workshop 2012-04-06
One-day workshop on Algebraic Geometry Conference 2012-03-13
Inter IISER Chemistry Meet 2011 from 14-16, December 2011 at CETAA Hall Conference 2011-12-17
Astro-Cosmo @ Trivandrum to be held on 18 November Conference 2011-11-20