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ISCAN 2016

On behalf of the organizing committee of International Symposium on Clusters, Cluster-Assemblies and Nanomaterials (ISCAN) we have immense pleasure in inviting participation in the 1st ISCAN from March 9-12, 2016 organized by IISER-TVM jointly with Virginia Commonwealth University.

The symposium will focus on the theoretical and experimental developments in the areas of atomic clusters, cluster assemblies, and nanoscale materials. It will highlight the physical, chemical, electronic, and magnetic properties in reduced sizes and how these can be integrated into cluster assembled nanoscale materials to offer materials with tunable characteristics. The symposium will include the role of ligands in stabilizing the cluster assemblies and their effect on the properties of the resulting material. Contributions from physics, chemistry, material science, biology and engineering will be welcomed. ISCAN-2016 provides a platform for the young researchers and graduate students through short talks and poster presentations to interact with their pioneers in Material science.

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Date : 2016-03-09