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title Event Date
Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations In Unbounded Channel Domains Seminars 22-08-2013
Efflux Pumps in clinical drug resistance Seminars 21-08-2013
Semilinear Elliptic equations admitting similarity transformations Seminars 14-08-2013
Law of Large Numbers for Queues under earliest deadline first scheduling Seminars 13-08-2013
Synchrotron Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) analysis on Nanosystems –Study of Mesostructure in gas phase & Nanoparticles by Laser ablation Seminars 12-08-2013
Taut foliations of 3-manifolds Seminars 06-08-2013
Nanopore Biophysics: From Gene Sequencing to Gene Silencing Seminars 02-08-2013
Synchronization in networks of time-delay system Seminars 01-07-2013
Do ecological niche reflect the adaptive landscape of species? Seminars 27-06-2013
Protein Glycosylation: From Force Field Development to Applications. Seminars 18-06-2013
Allosteric Mechanisms in the Activation of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Seminars 17-06-2013
Identification of chemicals and pathways targeting intracellular mycobacteria by modulating the host Seminars 11-06-2013
Super structures of columnar thin films: Photonic properties and their applications Seminars 07-06-2013
Regulation of motor proteins by tubulin carboxy-termini tails Seminars 07-06-2013
A tale of two genes affecting synaptic structure and function Seminars 28-05-2013
Fermat's Principle and Huygens' Wavefront Construction Seminars 14-05-2013
Constraining Models With Strong Top-Quark Dynamics Seminars 02-05-2013
Regulation of protein homoeostasis in aging and age-related diseases Seminars 19-04-2013
Game on: Hepatitis C Virus protein NS5A and Host Protein Translation Seminars 17-04-2013
Edge states of Topological Insulators and electronic correlation Seminars 04-04-2013
Accelerated Climate Change and the response of Himalayan Glaciers Seminars 27-03-2013
Finding Bottlenecks in Tunnels using Topology and Optimization Seminars 21-03-2013
Genome defense by small RNAs Seminars 20-03-2013
Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of complex flows Seminars 14-03-2013
From peptidomimetics to transition metal catalysis Seminars 13-03-2013