IISER TVM Deccennial Celebrations



Dr Bindusar Sahoo

Assistant Professor Grade I

Email : YnNhaG9vQGlpc2VydHZtLmFjLmlu

Research Interests

Currently I am interested in looking at the off-shell formulation of conformal supergravity with four supersymmetries or in short "N=4 conformal supergravity". We are trying to construct the action for N=4 conformal supergravity with the knowledge of the supersymmetry transformation of the Weyl multiplet. Once completed, this will allow us to look at the black hole entropy in a complete N=4 setting. I am also interested in looking at several problems in higher-spin holography in Anti de sitter (AdS) spacetime in three dimensions. In this context we are trying to understand a particular massive deformation of the theory and its dual conformal field theory on the boundary of the AdS spacetime.