Dr Hema Somanathan

Associate Professor

Email : aHNvbWFuYXRoYW5AaWlzZXJ0dm0uYWMuaW4= , Phone :  +91 (0)471 2778063

Web Link  : http://www.iisertvm.ac.in/~hsomanathan

Research Areas
Plant-pollinator mutualisms

My research focuses on the mutualistic interactions between plants and their pollinators. At one level I my work deals with sensory physiology, perception and learning in pollinators in the context of foraging. At the other level, Im interested in evolutionary ecology of sensory adaptations in pollinators and the consequences for plant fitness.
Mutualistic interactions between plants and their pollinators vary in the degree of complexity and fragility. I study the dynamics of these interactions in the context of current conservation threats.

Insect navigation

Navigational strategies of insects allows them to fly over long distances while foraging and even longer distances during seasonal migration. Using a combination of lab experiments and field studies I study navigation in insects, currently bees.