Dr Kalika Prasad

Associate Professor

Email : a2FsaWthQGlpc2VydHZtLmFjLmlu , Phone :  +91 (0)471 2599404

Research Areas

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-------The opportunity to be reborn

Plants not only have remarkable ability to regrow lost parts, they can even regenerate an entirely new plant from a few existing cells. de novo regeneration offers an elegant model to address number of fundamental questions related to acquisition of pluripotent state, reconstitution of stem cells, assembly of regulatory interactions that eventually lead to formation of a complete plant in the absence of embryonic positional cues. Our laboratory is engaged in probing the dynamic cellular events and underlying mechanisms of regeneration. We use cell biological tools, genetics, genomics and computational modeling to answer the questions of our interest. Our long-term goal is to underpin the basic principles and dynamics of self-organization using plant regeneration as a model.

Image by Kavya Durgaprasad,

Selected publications:

1. Kareem, A., Radhakrishnan, D., Sondhi, Y., Aiyaz, M., Roy, M. V., Sugimoto, K., & Prasad, K. (2016). De novo assembly of plant body plan: a step ahead of Deadpool. Regeneration (Oxf), 3(4), 182-197. doi: 10.1002/reg2.68 (featured on Cover page)

2. Kareem, A., Durgaprasad, K., Sugimoto, K., Du, Y., Pulianmackal, A. J., Trivedi, Z. B., . . . Prasad, K. (2015). PLETHORA Genes Control Regeneration by a Two-Step Mechanism. Curr Biol, 25(8), 1017-1030. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2015.02.022 (Cover page article)

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