Dr Sunish Radhakrishnan

Associate Professor

Email : c3VuaXNoQGlpc2VydHZtLmFjLmlu , Phone :  +91 (0)471 2778174

Web Link  : http://www.iisertvm.ac.in/~sunishr


          Our group is interested in addressing various aspects during bacterial development such as cell cycle control, extracellular organelle biogenesis, and cell fate determination, using the dimorphic bacterium, Caulobacter crescentus, as the model organism. Our recent work has been able to address a long-standing question of how the activity of the bacterial type II Topoisomerase, Topo IV, is regulated during the early stages of cell cycle. We have identified and characterized NstA, as a novel cell cycle regulator that inhibits the DNA decatenation activity of Topo IV during the early S-phase. Further, we found that the activity of NstA itself is controlled during cell cycle by a dynamic intracellular redox. More importantly, the work from our group has demonstrated, for the first time, a fluctuating intracellular redox during cell cycle and the importance of it for the cell cycle progression (Narayanan et al. 2015). These benchmark findings have opened up new interesting avenues towards the study of bacterial cell cycle progression and development. Continuing on this aspect, in an effort to elucidate the overarching role of the intracellular redox on cell cycle progression and development, we are trying to chart out various signaling cascades that are influenced by this dynamic intracellular redox. Additionally, we are working towards understanding the factors leading to the fluctuation of the intracellular redox during cell cycle in Caulobacter

          The other exciting projects of the group include (i) dissecting the signaling cascade that connects polar organelle development to cell division, and (ii) understanding the spatio-temporal regulation during cell fate determination in bacteria.