Prof M.S Gopinathan
Emeritus Professor (Chemistry)
  +91 (0)471 - 2597428


Selected Publications

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  2. A two variable dealy model for the circadian rhythm of Neurospora crassa, K Sriram & M S Gopinathan, J. Theoret.Biol. , in press, 2004
  3. The role of time delay and noise in chemical and biological rhythms, M S Gopinathan, Invited article in Special Issue of Proc. Ind. Nat. Sci.Acad., in press, 2004
  4. Oscillatory mass transfer across liquid membrane, J Srividhya & M S Gopinathan J. Phys. Chem. B., 107,1438, 2003
  5. Nonlinear analysis of continuous ECG during sleep I. Reconstruction, J. Fell, K. Mann, J. Roschke & M S Gopinathan, Biol. Cybern. 82, 477 ,2000
  6. The spectrum of unstable periodic orbits of the human brain, R B Govindan, K. Narayanan, M S Gopinathan, N. Pradhan, R Sreenivasan and P Dwivedi, in :Nonlinear Dynamics and Brain Functioning”, Nova Science Publishers, NY, 345 , 2000
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