Prof M.S Gopinathan
Emeritus Professor (Chemistry)
  +91 (0)471 - 2597428
  1. Developed and taught several courses at IIT Madras for B Tech Freshers, Masters and Ph.D. Scholars
  2. Courses developed as Computer Assisted “live course material”, using software like MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, SCIENTIFIC WORKPLACE. Class Instruction thus becomes participatory and creative rather than passive.
  3. Introduced at IIT a course on “Methods in Computational Chemistry” – a popular course for Masters and PhD scholars in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  4. Developed and supervised development of extensive codes for atomic and molecular quantum mechanical as well as nonlinear dynamical computations – in FORTRAN, C, MATHEMATICA & MATLAB
  5. Pioneered the use of Internet and Online courses in ClassRoom Instructions.
  6. Developed a Tutorial Package on Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics in MATLAB for distribution to various universities and institutions under the Educational Technology Cell of IIT Madras.