PhD Admissions January 2016: Candidates Provisionally Selected for Admission to the School of Chemistry

  1. The selections are provisional and subject to the candidates fulfilling all the eligibility/selection criteria of the individual schools.
  2. Candidates will be informed by email, in due course of their provisional selection to the PhD programme.

(Interview held on: 2nd of December 2015)

Sl.No Application No. Application name
1 1516-2122507 Feba Thomas P.
2 1516-2126413 Kalaiselvan A.
3 1516-2122733 Lekshmi R. S.
4 1516-2125547 Remya Ramakrishnan
5 1516-2129021 Shamna M
6 1516-2129462 Sujith M.
7 1516-2123544 Sulfikarali Thondikkal