IISER TVM conducts range of outreach activities at Government aided colleges and schools of Kerala and neighbouring states.

We conduct interaction program with scientists as one-day seminar at various Government aided colleges. This program is aimed at enabling the college students to interact with the faculty members of IISER TVM with a view to improve their scientific knowledge.

Faculty and BS-MS students of IISER TVM also conduct outreach programs at various schools to nurture scientific thinking and research skills among children at the school level.

Each of our Schools at IISER TVM conduct departmental outreach program at various Government aided colleges of Kerala to improve the knowledge of students in specific field of science.

For information on college and school outreach activities, please contact

Dr. Ramesh Rasappan – School of Chemistry

For information on outreach activities specific to each of our schools, please contact

Dr. Nisha N Kannan – School of Biology

Dr. Gokulnath S – School of Chemistry

Dr . Bikas C. Das – School of Physics

Dr . Sumit Mohanty – School of Mathematics

IISER TVM reserves the right to decide on the content and mode of operation of the programme including publicity.