• Upcoming Events


      April 19, 2017
      2.00 pm, Seminar Hall (CET Campus)

      Dr. Prasant Kumar Nayak, Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Energy and Environmental Chemistry, Friedrich-Schiller University, Germany delivers lecture on "Transition metal oxides based high capacity cathodes for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries"


      April 19, 2017
      11.00 am, Seminar Hall (CET Campus)

      Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey, Global Excellence, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan and National University of Singapore, NUS, Singapore delivers lecture on "Electrochemical Studies on Some Advanced Nano and Polymeric Materials"

  • School News

    • Distinguished Lectureship Award

      March 24, 2017

      Dr Mahesh Hariharan, Associate Professor, has been awarded Distinguished Lectureship Award by Chemical Society of Japan.

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    • Early Career Board member

      January 05, 2017

      Dr K.M.Sureshan, Associate Professor is becoming Early-career Editorial Board member of ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering.

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