• A method of fabricating core-shell nanostructure coated substrates and the products
    M. Shanthil and K. George Thomas
  • 2014

  • A Method of Fabricating Gold Nanorod Plasmonic Platforms and Products
    Jatish Kumar, Reshmi Thomas, R. S. Swathi, and K. George Thomas
    2614/CHE/2014, 2014.

  • An improved method for the synthesis of cyclic polyols and derivatives thereof (Provisional Indian patent filed)
    K. M. Sureshan, R. Mohanrao.
    1138/CHE/2014, 2014.
  • 2013

  • A method for synthesis of polysaccharides and products thereof (Provisional Indian patent filed).
    K. M. Sureshan, A. Pathigoolla.
    2586/CHE/2013, 2013.
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