BS-MS Program

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Course Structure

The barrier between the traditional disciplines are fast disappearing. Modern research problems span a wide range of areas. It helps to have basic training in a range of disciplines to succeed in modern research. Accordingly, IISER-TVM BS-MS curriculum is designed to be dominantly interdisciplinary.

  • The BS-MS programme is of 10 semester duration.
  • Each academic year has 2 semesters of roughly 16 weeks each
    • Varsha Semester:August-December
    • Vasanth Semester:January-May
  • The first 2 years(ie. the first 4 semesters) will consist of foundation courses common to all students.
  • 3rd and 4th year courses will be specialized in one Major(Biology,Chemistry,Physics or Mathematics) and one or more Minors.The fifth year will be devoted to a thesis by research.
  • Please read the students guidebook for further details.

Course Fee structure at IISERTVM**

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