Courses offered at SoP

Teaching laboratories

School of Physics teaching methodology offers students many laboratory sessions where the class room theories are put into real-world experiments. The laboratories are equipped with modern instruments, tools, simulators, equipment and facilities providing state-of-art training to the students. The first two years gives a strong hands-on learning in mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, optics, electricity and magnetism. In the advanced semesters, as a major course in Physics, the students handle sophisticated instruments to perform advance level experiments such as scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, superconducting quantum interference device measurements, vacuum deposition, high-energy radiation counters, electron paramagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance and Digital circuits processors etc. The experimental sessions are planned in such way that 1. the students perform experiments after learning the theory part in the class and 2. each student gets an independent access to the instrument/equipment and submit the experimental results in digital form as if he submits a manuscript to a journal. The students are also given training to design their own experiments. Our strong commitment toward providing hands-on learning shapes the students to do independent research and also cement the understanding from the lecture class. Besides this, Ph. D. scholars work as teaching assistants to BS-MS lab sessions which helps them to get trained in teaching, demonstration of experiments and deeper understanding of concepts.

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