Development of ChiralMetallacycles for the Catalytic Synthesis of Tertiary Phosphines and otherSynthetic Protocols

Over thepast decade, we have been focusing on systematically tuning the electronic andstructural features of a family of chiral metallacycles for various syntheticapplications. These chiral complexes can be used in many aspects of stereospecificsynthesis. In this talk, the application of chiral Palladacycles andPlatinacycles as templates in asymmetric synthetic scenarios such as Diels-Alder,hydrophosphination, hydroamination and insertion reactions will be discussed. A newly developed environmentallybenign catalytic protocol for the direct synthesis of chiral tertiary phosphinemotifs, including diphosphines and ferrocenyl phosphines, will also bepresented. Besides asymmetric synthesis of phosphines, these complexes havealso shown immense potential in the one-pot synthesis of biologically relevantheterocycle skeletons and in other novel organic synthesis. The talk will alsobriefly touch upon our other interests such as the use of P and S bearing highvalent transition metal complexes in chemotherapy and the design of new functionalmaterials.