Listing tenders 26 - 50 of 1853

title Category Last Date
Supply of Multichannel Electrochemical Workstation Purchase 2020-02-24
Supply of 2004 nm narrow line width laser and driver Purchase 2020-02-24
Supply of High Power amplifier at 2000 nm Purchase 2020-03-03
Supply of Low Power Amplifier at 2000 nm Purchase 2020-03-02
Supply of High Speed Detector from Visible to IR wavelength Purchase 2020-03-02
Electro-Optic Intensity Modulator with Following Specifications Purchase 2020-03-02
Supply of printed Pens and Key Chains Purchase 2020-02-24
Supply of Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge Purchase 2020-02-11
Supply of Upright Biomedical Freezer Purchase 2020-02-17
Supply of Single mode fibre Purchase 2020-01-29
Supply, Installation and commissioning of high resolution 500 MHz NMR spectrometer for solid-state samples Purchase 2020-02-13
Construction of yard, access road, and foundation works for liquid nitrogen storage facility at IISER Administration 2020-01-16
Constructions of Recharge Lounge at IISER TVM Campus Administration 2020-01-16
Renovation of existing Clinical Block to Student Amenity Center Administration 2020-01-16
Supply of printed pens and key chain Purchase 2020-01-23
External lighting at Director's House Project 2020-01-13
Overhauling works in APFC panels in SS-1 and SS-4 substations Project 2020-02-03
Supply of Linear array detector Purchase 2020-01-16
Annula Maintenance and repairs of Electrical Installations Project 2020-01-09
Supply of Autoclave Purchase 2020-01-13
Supply of Compact Laminar Air Flow Purchase 2020-01-13
Supply of Speed Vac System Purchase 2020-01-13
Providing and Fixing chain link fencing for outdoor stadium and Protective hand rail along road side Project 2019-12-30
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Automatic Cage and bottle washer Project 2020-01-16
Supply, Installation and commissioning of Horizontal steam streilizer Purchase 2020-01-16