The mathematics of India -- from counting to calculus

Abstract : The lecture will provide a bird's eye view of the long and continuous history of the mathematical culture of India, lasting over three millennia and covering almost all geographical areas of the Indian subcontinent. The high points of this history, beginning with decimal enumeration and ending with the invention of infinitesimal calculus will be briefly described, with a special focus on the genesis of calculus from Aryabhtata' finite calculus to the full-fledged calculus of trigonometric functions by Madhava.

About the speaker : Educated at Madras University and the University of Chicago (Ph D in elementary particle physics). Joined the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay as a research student in 1959. Professional interests: quantum field theory and mathematical physics generally. Visiting faculty positions at various universities and research centres in India and abroad. After retiring from TIFR in 1959, main interest is the history of Indian mathematics. Just finished writing a book on the subject.