About this Webpage

This webpage has been created to provide information for those wanting to post or contribute something to the institute website. Submissions can be News items, Announcements, etc for the LATEST module on the home page (on the left hand side), or text for particular webpages. We also welcome submission of appropriate images and illustrations.

All submissions, other than to LATEST module, should be emailed to CCed to packiyarajan[at]iisertvm[dot]ac[dot]in, CCed to webprogrammer[at]iisertvm[dot]ac[dot]in and ullasa[at]iisertvm[dot]ac[dot]in / rr[at]iisertvm[dot]ac[dot]in. Please see instructions below for submissions to the LATEST module.

Submissions to the Latest Module

Submissions to the LATEST module should be one of the following - News, Events, Announcements, Results or Recognitions. You can submit entries by logging into this portal using your institute email login credentials.

Images and illustrations for the website

We welcome submissions of images and original illustrations to be posted on the website. These should be relevant to the particular webpage, be of high enough quality (both in terms of pixel resolution and aesthetics) should have a suitable dimensions (or, you should give us explicit permission to modify the image). All images/illustrations used on the website will be credited, unless the submitter does not want to take credit.

Main Page Banner

Banner images/illustrations (those that appear just below the institute title and the main horizontal menu) are highly visible, and should be of the highest standards. These can depict research in the institute, important events, the campus, campus life, etc. Each image/illustration should be accompanied by a short descriptive statement (not more than 80 characters). When posted, the dimensions will be 1200px width X 450px height. You should either edit your images to match these dimensions, or ensure that your image can be cropped or otherwise edited to match these dimensions, and give your explicit permission for us to edit the image.

Thumbnails for DISCIPLINES module

These are thumbnails that are linked to the respective School websites. Images should depict the research of the respective School, should be of high quality, and should have dimensions (or should be editable to match) 640px width X 480px height.