Prof. Jarugu Narasimha Moorthy, Director, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM) inaugurating the blood donation camp in our New Health Centre on 03-04-2019


The New Health Centre

Institute Health Centre. Credit: Ankush Kumar Garg

Health Centre Staff

Dr Hemalatha Goldwin M
Medical Officer
Dr Thiraviam P
Medical Officer
Mr Jins Joseph
Mrs. Athulya Thomas

User Committee For Health Centre

1 Dr. Jishy Varghese (SoB) Member
2 Dr. R S Swathi (SoC) Member
3 Mr. Sudin B Babu DR(P&S) Member
4 Ms. Pooja. S Female-Hostel Affairs Member
5 Mr. Abhimanyu Secretary Welfare Council Member
6 Dr. Goldwin Hemalatha Medical officer Member & Convenor
7 Dr. Thiraviam P Medical Officer Member & Convenor

The individual users of Health Centre can send their suggestions and grievances ,if any to any of the above listed UCHC members by email. You can be rest assured that they will positively be taken up during the periodic or emergency meetings of UCHC called as per needs and discussed thread bare .Every effort will be made to arrive at best possible solutions and the same will be put up for implementation.

A Brief on Health Centre




Counselling Centre

Please visit the website of the IISER Thiruvananthapuram Counselling Centre for more information about Counselling services.


A ) CHSS Claims-General guidelines

The CHSS claims, for both outpatient and inpatient treatment i.e for self and eligible dependants should be submitted in relevant filled up forms- downloadable from campus mate IISER tvm website within six months from date of availing treatment /investigation to Medical officers of the Institute for Scrutiny. Submission in person is not required. They can simply be sent to Health Centre and it will be then received, recorded ,undergo scrutiny and forwarded to Institute Finance Dept at the earliest.

Original bills along with Prescription, Requisition for Investigations ,discharge summary (inpatient treatment) etc should be attached to Claim forms during submission. If Original Prescription/discharge summary is required for future reference by claimant, One can submit self attested copies of the same along with claim forms.

Cosmetic treatment in general is not reimbursable under CHSS.

The CHSS publishes guidelines periodically (once in every 3 or more years ) along with applicable reimbursable amounts for different treatments. It also lists package rates allowed for reimbursement for almost all common medical and surgical ailments in all specialities .The published rates are different for different regions and cities of India. Various medical and surgical investigations and interventions also have individual rates listed for reimbursement which are published periodically for CHSS by Govt of India.

Claims for treatment availed from specialists in Ayurveda, Homeopathy and other systems of medicine also have relevant published CHSS guidelines . CHSS Claims relevant to these systems submitted for reimbursement will dealt with as per CHSS norms.

In general, the cost of consumables like IV drip sets , syringes etc and nutritional supplements are not reimbursable under CHSS . Whenever official Package rates are available, only the published and listed amount for particular treatments under CHSS irrespective of money spent or cost mentioned in attached bills, even if it is a significantly higher amount , only the maximum permissible published/listed amount for reimbursement is allowable as per CHSS norms.

As per existing and relevant CHSS norms , it is not mandatory to get sanction or referral from institute medical officers for specialist consultation or treatment from Govt or Private consultant / hospital .

As regards Vaccination- as on date ,only the following are eligible for reimbursement.

DPT, Measles, OPV, MMR, Hepatitis B, Typhoid And TT vaccines. On Specialist Advice/Prescription additionally Leprovac vaccine, Influenza vaccine and Anti Rabies Vaccine (Post Exposure ) are eligible for reimbursement.

B ) Student’s Health Insurance -Information in Brief :

The Institute students are covered under Group Health Policy obtained from United Health Insurance Company. It is being renewed Yearly .As it is agroup Policy the yearly renewable policy is taken every year batch wise and all the batch students are individually listed in the list of beneficiaries in the Policy document.

Medical Coverage for students with following additional features Is made available from 2017 onwards in United India Insurance Company approved Hospitals.

  1. Pre existing exclusion will not apply. No first 30 days or first 2 / 4 Year exclusion would apply.
  2. The students would be entitled to room rent of Rs 1000/- per day & Rs 2000/- perday for ICU .
  3. Pre & post hospitalisation coverage of 30 / 60 days would be ensured.
  4. Day care procedures, which do not require 24 hours hospitalisation due to technological advancements, will be entertained under the policy.
  5. Personal accident cover (Death) for the immediate parent of the student for a sum insured of Rs 1 lakh. (Conditions & exclusions of a standard PA policy will apply)
  6. Critical illness cover for the immediate parent \ guardian of the student for sum insured.

Please Note : The Insurance company on it’s own scrutinises the claims, processes it and decides on eligibility and quantum of Reimbursement etc. In general, all above mentioned treatment facilities are to be availed from said insurance company’s approved Hospitals. In general, out patient services inclusive of consultation, minor procedures and investigations are not eligible for reimbursement as per Policy where as , as an inpatient these are mostly reimbursable .

Kindly check in List of Hospitals and look for the highlighted ones which are the only approved Hospitals by United India Insurance ( Policy issuer)for cashless claims.

For specific queries on said insurance policy :
Contact -Ms. Gopika ( United India Insurance Agent) – 9447833099

Copy of insurance policy is available in Health centre and when required, the needy persons can come over to Healthcentre and take a snap of said policy .

C) Institute norms pertaining to issue of Medical certificates for leave

The students will be issued medical certificates for leave only if they meet following criteria:

  1. Availed treatment from institute health Centre and had been kept under observation for specified time or had been treated as an inpatient in Health Centre.
  2. Had been referred for specialist evaluation/ treatment in outside hospital by institute medical officers.
  3. If the student had sent intimation by email to relevant faculty, office Academics, medical officers/ medical services within 2 days of sickness/ undergoing treatment and produces relevant medical records with reports of investigations, the request will be considered. All will be subject to scrutiny and only if found justifiable, recommendation for leave on medical grounds will be issued.
  4. If the student within campus wants to avail treatment from an outside hospital, prior intimation by email to institute medical officers is also required for issue of medical certificates for leave.
  5. If the student outside campus takes treatment from a hospital outside, reporting of the same within two days, by email to institute medical officers is required for consideration of issue of medical certificates. Only production of relevant medical records including reports of investigations will enable further processing of requests for issue of medical certificates for leave.
  6. Request for issue of medical certificates recommending leave will be entertained only if they meet the above criteria.
  7. Medical certificates for leave will not be issued if requests with all listed documents stated above are not submitted within a week of return to campus/recovery.

D ) Ambulance usage guidelines:

An Ambulance is available for use 24/7 on all 365 days. The ambulance is provided for use, to transport patients in case of referral to higher Medical centres for specialised treatment when the student is not in a medically fit position to go on his own and in case of emergencies, accidents ,prolonged illnesses etc. The patients will be accompanied by Medical attendant or para medical staff during transport.

The Medical attendant /paramedical staff accompanying the Student / patient will do the needful, to admit the patient to referral Hospital.

Once the patient reaches the hospital , received by hospital Staff and gets admitted, the ambulance will return to the institute. Once it is ascertained that the patient’s condition has become stable, the medical attendant/ paramedical staff will report the patient’s condition to medical officer over phone and report back to medical centre after providing necessary contact numbers to the referred hospital.

The medical attendant/ para medical staff will not be deployed as patient’s bystander as a matter of routine, as the medical needs of other students in the institute also needs to be taken care off.

In case, the hospitalization is expected to involve longer periods, the student/ bystanders should intimate the same to parents/ guardians so as to make arrangements for continued treatment and for providing bystanders. The institute will follow up the cases if necessary and provide the necessary assistance if required.

Conditions for availing Ambulance service:

  1. Patient’s whose sickness/ distress warrants them to be brought from their location to Health Centre.
  2. For those who are not fit enough to walk due to ill health or who have been medically advised not to walk for a specified period to facilitate recovery.
  3. In the immediate aftermath of injuries, accidents, bites etc.
  4. For specialist’s evaluation and referrals to higher centres based on recommendation by medical officers.
  5. To enable medical support to institute events.

Conditions which do not meet the criteria for availing Ambulance service

  1. For a scheduled medical review in an outside hospital/ lab or for investigations prescribed by doctors, unless warranted by the patient’s condition.
  2. For transport from various buildings within campus to other buildings in the campus, for invalid medical/ nonmedical reasons.


The students are advised to plan ahead and make best use of the institute shuttle service, vans and buses for conditions that do not merit ambulance service for transportation both inside and outside campus.

For more information contact Health center at +91(0) 471-2778144