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With mental illness making up approximately one-third of diseases among the adolescent population, mental health continues to be an increasingly urgent issue that needs to be addressed. Student mental health services are not only needed to support the psychological well-being of students, but they are also an important part of academic success and retention.

University is an exciting time, but it also can be demanding. Students may experience a variety of personal and adjustment issues that require assistance beyond what friends and family can provide. These new challenges are sometimes accompanied by feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability, or dissatisfaction. Here at the IISER Thiruvananthapuram counselling center, we offer mental health services to the students to reduce their psychological problems and distress and enhance their mental health, well-being, and quality of life. Students can approach the center for any concern you may have, academic or personal for maximizing their potential and or for self-development and growth.

The Counselling center provides confidential, individual counselling for students on a short-term basis. You can come for a one-on-one counselling session for any issue that might be troubling you. Counselling provides a confidential environment where you can express yourself without being judged and explore your options in a supportive growth-oriented manner. In counselling, a student who may be struggling with a particular issue or aspect of their life connects with a mental health professional to gain insight and/or makes changes in their life. In addition to providing support, counselling can help students understand their feelings, work through problems, enhance their strengths, and develop new coping skills. Also late teens and early twenties are the age of onset of some of the major psychiatric illnesses. Hence evaluation can be done to rule out such conditions and if such a diagnosis is made , treatment can be started at the earliest. The counselling sessions are free and completely confidential.

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Counselling Center staff members consist of psychologists and psychiatrists, specialized in providing counselling, psychological and psychiatric services to students. Appointments can be taken directly through email.

Photo of Dr. Neelima Gopinath

Dr. Neelima Gopinath

Consultant Psychologist
Ph No: 0471 2778069

Photo of Dr. Mary P.R

Dr. Mary P.R

Consultant Psychiatrist
Ph No: 0471 2778069


Room No:B201
Biological Sciences Building