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Institute colloquium by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar News
Thesis Defence of Mr Adittya Chaudhuri on February 15, 2024 News 15-02-2024
Seminar Talk by Prof. Volker John, WIAS Berlin & Freie University Berlin, Germany on Feb 20th 2024 Seminars 20-02-2024
Seminar Talk by Prof. S. G. Dani, CEBS Mumbai on Feb 8th Seminars 08-02-2024
Visit by Nobel laureate Prof. Morten P. Meldal News
Frontier Symposium in Data Science Conferences 09-02-2024
Frontier Symposium in Earth, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences - 2024 Conferences 10-02-2024
Frontier Symposium in Mathematics 2024 (FSM 2024) Conferences 02-02-2024
Seminar Talk on 10th Jan by Dr. Joyentanuj Das, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. Seminars 10-01-2024
Frontier Symposium in Biology 2024 (FS-BIO 2024) Conferences 02-02-2024
4th Frontiers Symposium in Chemistry (FS-CHM 2024) Conferences 19-01-2024
South Indian Plant Systems Modeling Workshop Workshops 07-01-2024
Frontier Symposium in Physics 2024 (FSP 2024) Conferences 19-01-2024
Inter-IISER Sports Meet 2023 Events 23-12-2023
Workshop on real-life data modeling via statistical and machine learning Workshops 08-01-2024
Seminar talk by Prof. Michel Waldschmidt from IMJ-PRG, France Seminars 12-12-2023
Seminar Talk Dr. Anindya Goswami, IISER Pune, on 6th december Seminars 06-12-2023
NCM workshop on "Control of Partial Differential Equations" from December 4, 2023 Workshops 04-12-2023
Pre-synopsis talk by Ms. Nanditha on 5th Dec 2023 News
Compact course on Hamilton-Jacobi Equations by Professor Veerappa Gowda News
Seminar talk by Prof. G. D. Veerappa Gowda, TIFR CAM, Bengaluru Seminars 03-11-2023
Ph.D. Thesis Defence of Yogesh Kumar Prajapaty on 30th October 2023 News 30-10-2023
Pre-synopsis Seminar Talk of Shankhadeep Mondal on 25th October 2023 News
Two-Day Python Programming Course News
‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ cleanliness drive at IISER Thiruvananthapuram News 01-10-2023