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Workshop on Quantum Materials (WQM) 2023 Workshops 06-04-2023
Centre Inauguration: DST-IISER Thiruvananthapuram ICMAP on Storage News
Frontier Symposium in Biology 2023 (FS-BIO 2023) Conferences 17-03-2023
Institute Colloquium by Dr Sundar Sarukkai News
Frontier Symposium in Mathematics 2023 Conferences 17-02-2023
Pariksha Pe Charcha News 27-01-2023
Frontier Symposium in Physics (FS-PHY 2023) Conferences 24-02-2023
One-day Conference on Crystal Engineering and Solid-state Chemistry Conferences 22-02-2023
Outreach program on 10-12 December 2022 Workshops 10-12-2022
Seminar Talk by Dr. Tarun Dalal, IIT Hyderabad Seminars 29-11-2022
One day workshop on basics of microscopy Workshops 25-11-2022
Thesis defence talk of Ankush Kumar Garg on Nov 18, 2022 News 18-11-2022
Seminar byProf. Peter Bastian (University of Heidelberg, Germany) on 18th Nov Seminars 18-11-2022
Pre-synopsis talk of Komma Patali on 16th November 2022. News
Frontier Symposium in Chemistry 2023 (FS-CHM 2023) Conferences 13-01-2023
Pre-synopsis talk by Sunil Kumar Pasupulati on 28th Nov 2022 News 28-11-2022
Seminar talk by Dr. Vatsalkumar N. Mer (Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea) on 10th Nov 2022 News 10-11-2022
National Seminar on Climate Change on 14 November 2022 News 14-11-2022
14th Foundation Day celebrated News
International Workshop on Nano-engineered Materials 2023 News 05-01-2023
Seminar talk by Prof. Arvind Ayyer from IISC on 11th October 2022 News 11-10-2022
Ph. D. Thesis Defence by Ms. Amrutha P on 11th October, 2022 News
International Conference on Main Group Synthesis and Catalysis 2023 Conferences 09-02-2023
9th Theme meeting on Ultrafast Sciences (UFS 2022) News 03-11-2022
SoM Seminar by Prof. Praveen C (TIFR CAM, Bengaluru) on 29th September Seminars 29-09-2022