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title Event Date
Genome Biology Workshop and Course Workshops 10-01-2020
Tropical Pollination Biology Meeting News
Winter School in Mathematics for Young Women Workshops 16-12-2019
Half Day Symposium on Mathematics Seminars 22-08-2019
A Day-Long Seminar on Thin-film Electronics and Advanced Materials Seminars 24-08-2019
Mass tree planting News
International workshop on Advances in 2D Materials Workshops 22-07-2019
Probing the shape of quantum fluctuations Seminars 28-03-2019
Tera Hertz (THz) Spectroscopy Using Sources and Detectors with Different Designs Seminars 22-03-2019
Driven by quests: Hearing aids & polarized glasses for space-time murmurs Colloquiums 17-08-2018
Role of Science in Human Well-being Colloquiums 21-03-2019
Driven by quests: Hearing aids & polarized glasses for space-time murmurs Colloquiums 12-10-2018
From chemical screening to global biotech: how can we understand the changing patterns and putative crisis of drug innovation Colloquiums 15-03-2019
IISER-RSC Symposium on Functional Supramolecular Chemistry Conferences 06-03-2019
Issues with Perovskite Solar Cells Seminars 01-03-2019
Harnessing molecular recognition for specific RNA modification and capture Colloquiums 15-02-2019
Quantitative insights into cells at work Colloquiums 08-02-2019
Worm wars: Control or eliminate? Colloquiums 11-01-2019
Workshop on Proteomics and Data Analysis Workshops 24-01-2019
Workshop on Writing Science Workshops 07-12-2018
One Day Workshop for School and College Students at School of Chemistry, IISER TVM Workshops 08-11-2018
Innovations at Frontier Areas of Chemistry Workshops 07-12-2018
Ramanujan types of congruences for Andrews’ singular overpartition pairs Seminars 07-09-2018
Recent Trends in Nonlinear Dynamics Workshops 13-07-2018
Topology of manifolds determined by general functions Colloquiums 06-04-2018