Dr Anirban Guha
DBT Ramalingaswami Faculty Fellow (Biology)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778328

My research focuses on the structure and function of plants in relation to changing climate. I am interested in empirical questions addressing plant physiology, growth, and productivity in natural and managed ecosystems. By integrating ecophysiological, anatomical, and metabolomic approaches, I aim to link plant functions to ecosystem processes and sustainability. At present, special attention is given to the following topics: (1) effects of changing climate (e.g., warming and drought events) and extreme conditions (e.g., hyper salinity) on plant hydraulics, and (2) hydraulic targets for better growth & yield of industrial crops. This research has implications for forest, coastal wetland, and agroecosystem productivity, management, and sustainability. Please visit my personal webpage for more details https://guhaanirban.weebly.com/