Admissions Requirements
Course Code
5 Years
Common IISER BS-MS Admissions
+91 471 277 8007
Number of Seats
80 (across all disciplines)

Integrated and Interdisciplinary Sciences (i2 Sc) is a newly-conceptualised 5-Year BS-MS programme, being launched at IISER TVM to impart unique education and training to a younger generation of students. It aims to equip tomorrow’s workforce with skills that meet the evolving needs, demands and challenges of the modern world. The major challenges that the world faces today, namely, climate change, food security, healthcare, sustenance, etc., are too complex to be solved by biologists, chemists and physicists independently. Efforts to tackle them require integrated expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge in areas that span physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

The digital age has ushered in a new era of automation and big data, revolutionising the way we practice science, technology and medicine. From detecting neutron star mergers to cancer diagnosis, today we employ tools and skills that have often been developed separately. The necessity of symbiotic application of skills and tools from these different genres of science has led to a new paradigm for scientific investigations and analysis. This is precisely the purview of the i2 Sc programme, which leverages the strengths of core disciplines and blends it uniquely with topical and modern developments - offering an integrated mix of core and thematic courses. The thematic areas have been curated to offer expertise in topics that are relevant to today’s as well as tomorrow’s science and technology.

The i2 Sc programme includes 5 different streams, each based on a core discipline and associated thematic areas, as outlined below. At the end of the common Foundation Courses taught over the first two years, students may opt for any ONE of these five streams to study advanced courses in the core discipline and specialise in the associated thematic areas, culminating in a year-long research project in the year five.

i2 Biological Sciences Systems & Synthetic Biology and Precision Imaging & Medicine
i2 Chemical Sciences Chemical Biology and Biomaterials
i2 Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing
i2 Physical Sciences Materials, Devices, Energy and Modelling
i2 Data Sciences Data Science as applied to Natural Sciences

Each of the five streams offers a unique, yet integrated paradigm to gain analytic and cognitive skills based on an interdisciplinary curriculum and training in research. The new frontier, i2 Data Science, also fits in harmoniously with other streams as well as with regular science programmes of the Institute in its applicability, in addressing both frontier research as well as real-world problems.

National Eligibility Tests

The curriculum covers adequate material to prepare the students for national eligibility tests such as CSIR-NET, UGC-NET, JGEEBILS, JEST, NBHM, etc. to pursue doctoral programmes in India and worldwide.

Internships and Research Projects

Internships and research projects constitute an integral part of the i2 Sc programme. Students will be required to pursue internships in research organisations - either in industry or academic institutions during the recess periods in third and fourth years. The final year research project may be conducted in partnership with national and international R&D laboratories.

Associated and Soft Skills

The curriculum includes courses in allied topics like Scientific Communication, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Entrepreneurship and Ethics to contextualise the learning experience. Included are opportunities to inculcate soft skills that are absolutely essential for the future success of the highly skilled graduates of the programme.

Overall the programme offers each student ample scope for tailoring one’s interests to pursue education aligned towards one’s own career goals. It will allow one to integrate and sharpen one’s skills through interactions and experimentation, and showcase capability for innovation and creativity.