What does this LOGO imply The Beauty of Infinity and Integrity

  • The quest for infinite knowledge...The aim of integrating various branches of science...Thus was born our emblem, reflecting the vision of IISER TVM.
  • Yes!...We want to tell you what it means, because it means a lot for us; as we, the students and faculty of IISER TVM designed it!
  • Just have a look at it.....you will find the symbol of infinity, in a cool light blue colour; the same blue which gives beauty to the infinite sky and the deep ocean. The symbol of infinity is definitely mathematical, anyway it is not just mathematics- there are the DNA strands which hold it together.
  • On the other side, you might see the pi, which extends and becomes one with the bonds of chemistry running through the strands. The wavy curves and nonlinearity of the symbol depict the subtlety of physics. The pi curves, giving the look of a smiling face...the joy of a young mind that has started the journey to explore the mysteries of the vast universe!
  • Our emblem is not merely a curve on a paper, it is actually a cute butterfly just out of its pupa aiming towards new heights.
  • The eye at the tip of the symbol makes it look like a fish – the fish, the waves in blue emphasise the beauty of Kerala where our institute is. The dot on the pi and the curve extrapolated symbolises the atom, the solar system, the galaxies and the universe.
  • The boundaries between biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics lose their meanings here. This is exactly what IISER aims at. The scientists of the future must go beyond the boundaries, to integrate the whole variety of branches in science. Concepts of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics merge beautifully to form the essence of our emblem. The infinity really comprises everything.

-- By Saranya P. S (student of the batch of 2013).

A poem written about the LOGO: The urge to hold

"The urge to hold within finite lines the infinity of the universe, of life and its myriad manifestations, of the unending decimals of pi, of the boundless joy of the mind that keeps probing, with restless questions, in agony, ecstasy and deep meditation; creating edifices in algebraic beauty and marvelling at the chaos that governs all things born and unborn"

---By Prof. M. S. Gopinathan (Emeritus Professor).