Longest increasing path within the critical strip

Abstract : Consider the square $[0,n]^2$ with points from a Poisson point process of intensity 1 distributed within it. In a seminal work, Baik, Deift and Johansson proved that the number of points $L_n$ (length) on a maximal increasing path (an increasing path that contains the most number of points), when properly centered and scaled, converges to the Tracy-Widom distribution. Later Johansson showed that all maximal paths lie within the strip of width $n^{\frac{2}{3} +\epsilon}$ around the diagonal with probability tending to 1 as $n \to \infty$. We shall discuss recent work on the Gaussian behaviour of the length $L_n^{(\gamma)}$ of a maximal increasing path restricted to lie within a strip of width $n^{\gamma}, \gamma< \frac{2}{3}$. This is based on joint work with Partha Dey and Ron Peled.