Seminar byProf. Peter Bastian (University of Heidelberg, Germany) on 18th Nov

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Bastian (Uni Heidelberg, Germany)

Date and time: Nov 18th 2022, 10.30 am.

Venue: PSB Seminar hall

Title: Coupled shallow surface and subsurface flow

Abstract: Simulation of coupled surface and subsurface flow is important for understanding water budget on a variety of scales. The talk will review common models for surface and subsurface flow and then settle on a model that couples the diffusive wave approximation of the shallow water equations with shallow groundwater flow in the uppermost, unconfined aquifer. The model is discretized with a cell-centered finite volume scheme and solved with a fully-coupled Newton-multigrid method. Transport of dissolved substances is discretized with a higher-order discontinuous Galerkin scheme. It is demonstrated that arge-scale simulations are possible through parallel computation on widely available multicore servers. However, with great computing capabilities comes the need for estimating model parameters from available data, a difficulty that is only hinted at.