Seminar talk by Dr. Divya J K, Ramaiah Institute of Technology on 13 April 2023

Speaker: Dr. Divya J K, Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Area of research: Hyperbolic conservation laws
Date and Time: 13 April 2023, 1400- 1445 hrs
Online seminar link:


Abstract: In this work we construct the explicit solution to the initial boundary value problem for the elastodynamics system in the space time domain x > 0,t > 0, when the initial and boundary data lie on the level sets of one of the Riemann invariants, using the vanishing viscosity method. The difficulty we face is in understanding the boundary condition in a generalised way, because the number of boundary conditions to be prescribed at the boundary x = 0, depend on the number of characteristics entering the domain. Since our system is nonlinear, the characteristic speeds depend on the unknown and the direction of the characteristics curves are not known a priori. As a continuation of this work, we also consider the general initial and boundary data of Riemann type, formulate the boundary value problem based on the Riemann problem and construct explicitly the solution.