Listing tenders 2026 - 2050 of 2066

title Category Last Date
Scanning Microscopes Purchase 2011-03-24
Air conditioning system Purchase 2011-01-18
Physical Property Measurement System Purchase 2010-12-31
Fluorescent Motorized Stereo Microscope Purchase 2010-12-31
Box Furnace Purchase 2010-12-31
Powder X-Ray Diffractometer Purchase 2010-12-20
Plant Growth Chamber Purchase 2010-12-20
Rotor based real time PCR Machine Purchase 2010-12-20
Ambient Scanning Probe Microscope Purchase 2010-12-07
Fully automated volumetric gas analyzer, Thermal gravimetric analyzer, Differential scanning calorimeter Purchase 2010-11-30
Scanning Electron Microscope Purchase 2010-11-22
Femtosecond Laser Amplifier System Purchase 2010-11-08
Annual Maintenance Contract for AC Administration 2010-11-01
Electrical Work in Chemistry Laboratory Administration 2010-11-01
Temporary Road Work Administration 2010-11-01
Turbo Pumbing Station Purchase 2010-10-29
High speed centrifuge, box furnace and spectrograph with CCD camera Purchase 2010-10-25
Protein Crystallography Lab Administration 2010-10-12
FPLC Protein Purification System Purchase 2010-10-04
Physics Lab Furniture Purchase 2010-08-25
Renovation Work Administration 2010-08-20
Physics Lab Equipment Purchase 2010-08-17
Water Supply and Electrical Work in Physics Research Laboratory Administration 2010-08-17
Round the clock operation of DG sets at IISER TVM, CET Campus, Thiruvananthapuram. Administration 2010-08-10
MULTIMODE PLATE READER Purchase 2010-08-05