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title Event Date
Hilbert functions and coefficients Seminars 26-11-2015
Connections beyond cross-connections Seminars 26-11-2015
Controllability and stabilizability of compressible Navier-Stokes system. Seminars 25-11-2015
Regime switching model of financial market. Seminars 27-11-2015
Self-Accelerating Waves of Light and Matter Seminars 30-11-2015
Recent trends of Excimer laser in PLD and other application Seminars 01-12-2015
On the spectrum of the Laplacian Colloquiums 13-11-2015
Evolution of insect wing number and morphology Seminars 13-11-2015
Past and the future of Science & Technology Education and Research in India Seminars 12-11-2015
Model Quantum Potentials: A Density point of View Colloquiums 06-11-2015
Efficient superdense coding in the presence of non-Markovian noise Seminars 04-11-2015
Finite element methods for PDEs with moving boundaries Seminars 05-11-2015
Short-duration Gamma Ray Bursts Seminars 02-11-2015
Thermodynamic meaning and power of non-Markovianity Seminars 09-11-2015
Properties, simulations, and results of perovskite oxides at finite temperatures Seminars 30-10-2015
Driven Non-equilibrium Systems and Biological Processes:Transcription Seminars 30-10-2015
Single molecule conformational dynamics and mechanics: Theory, simulation, analysis and interpretation Seminars 30-10-2015
Mechanosensing at different length scales Seminars 30-10-2015
Chemical imaging: From basic physics to molecular histology for cancer Seminars 27-10-2015
Yielding and structural transitions in sheared nanostructured soft matter Seminars 27-10-2015
Flat currents on definable pseudomanifolds Seminars 29-10-2015
Aspects of Non-Commutative Dynamics: Powers’ Problems and its Solution Seminars 29-10-2015
Large scale PDE constrained optimization of cardiac defibrillation Seminars 29-10-2015
How do we fight the resurgent tubercle bacillus? Colloquiums 16-10-2015
Arakelov theory and estimates of automorphic forms. Seminars 14-10-2015