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title Event Date
p-adic Langlands' Transfer Seminars 04-02-2016
Integrating Proteins into Electronics Seminars 04-02-2016
Coordinates, Dimension and Constraints. Colloquiums 05-02-2016
An introduction to semigroup theory Seminars 29-01-2016
Some applications of complex analysis Seminars 28-01-2016
Novel genetic approaches to explore neural stem cell homeostasis Seminars 22-01-2016
Genetic dissection of neuronal maintenance and demise Seminars 22-01-2016
Single mode and perturbed band-edge lasing in an amplifying periodic on average random system Seminars 18-01-2016
Algebraic vector bundles in motivic homotpy theory. Seminars 15-01-2016
Nanocharacterisation of the structural and luminescence properties of materials in the scanning electron microscope Seminars 15-01-2016
Electron transport and circular photogalvanic effect in nanowires Seminars 11-01-2016
Genome sequencing of Tulsi – a medicinally important herb Seminars 07-01-2016
Bridging the islands of protein families in sequence space using artificial sequences Seminars 07-01-2016
Genomics, Structural Biology and Making New Medicines: Understanding Mutations in Genetic Disease and Drug Resistance Colloquiums 08-01-2016
Delta-convergence: an alternative approach to weak compactness Seminars 07-01-2016
Influence of magnetic tunnel barriers on magneto resistance behavior Seminars 07-01-2016
ISCAN 2016 Conferences 09-03-2016
A sum worthy of Gauss Seminars 22-12-2015
The general reciprocity law Seminars 18-12-2015
Quantum Information Processing:Implementation Schemes and Quantum Memory Seminars 17-12-2015
Indo-UK Workshop on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications Conferences 09-12-2015
2-d Navier Stokes equations: controllability, quasipotential and exit time asymptoics for small noise perturbations. Seminars 03-12-2015
On The Congruences in Right Loops Seminars 26-11-2015
Hilbert functions and coefficients Seminars 26-11-2015
Connections beyond cross-connections Seminars 26-11-2015