Summer Visiting Students Programme-2016

IISER Thiruvananthapuram offers a two-month visiting students programme during summer 2016 to enable motivated students to work with IISER faculty. Bachelors and Masters students in science/engineering with an inclination towards research in basic sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics) are invited to apply for the programme. Preference will be given to 2nd year BSc, III year BE/BTech and 1st year MSc/MTech (or equivalent degree) students. Application form should be filled by the candidate online

Two reference letters from teachers who know the candidate well enough to write with candor, detail and objectivity about the candidates academic and personal achievements and potential should be filled in the prescribed format and uploaded online directly by the referees . The candidates are requested to make sure with their referees that their reference reaches on time.

Selected students for the programme will be given a scholarship of Rs. 5000/-per month. Accommodation and Mess facilities will be provided on nominal payment basis. Selected students will be intimated by email.

List of shortlisted candidates for Summer Visiting Programme-2016

Following is the list of shortlisted candidates for IISER-TVM Summer Visiting Programme-2016 under various Schools.All the shortlisted candidates will be intimated soon by email. They can also directly contact their assigned advisor by email to finalize convenient dates for their visit.

School of Biology

S.no Application ID Applicant Full Name Date of birth Gender Advisor Name
1 2016-17777 ANNE LOHITHA ALIAS ANUHYA 27-10-1996 F Ramanathan Natesh
2 2016-14402 Jisha V 26-05-1996 F Ullasa Kodandaramaiah
3 2016-14859 Udita Bansal 22-02-1996 F Ullasa Kodandaramaiah
4 2016-11212 Vishwaja Tushar Jhaveri 08-02-1995 F Jishy Varghese
5 2016-12320 Nivedita Mitra 22-09-1993 F Sunish Radhakrishnan
6 2016-10898 ELSA MINI JOS 07-04-1992 F Hema Somanathan

School of Chemistry

S.No. Application ID Applicant Full Name Date of birth Gender Advisor name
1 2016-23416 Nirupama Saladi 21-06-1995 F Y. Adithya
2 2016-22160 S. Dhivagar 02-06-1994 M A. Thirumurugan
3 2016-27559 Thirunavukarasu Mohanavelu 29-06-1994 M A. Thirumurugan
4 2016-20697 Haritha L 28-10-1994 F Reji Varghese
5 2016-28500 Shilpa M 17-12-1996 F R S Swathi
6 2016-23049 Vishnu E K 10-04-1995 M K George Thomas
7 2016-21313 Krishnendu Mandal 10-01-1994 M Sukhendu Mandol
8 2016-20965 Ranjana M 20-06-1995 F V Sivaranjana Reddy
9 2016-26598 Smera P Johnson 06-12-1995 F V Sivaranjana Reddy

School of Mathematics

S.No. Application ID Applicant Full Name Date of birth Gender Advisor name
1 2016-39318 Anshul Jain 13-05-1996 F Chiranjeevi
2 2016-35418 Maria Jamal 10-01-1995 F Dharmatti Sheetal
3 2016-35087 Komal Vitthal Pawar 28-11-1996 F Dharmatti Sheetal
4 2016-30221 Ayanthi Ghosh 28-07-1994 F Sarbeswar Pal
5 2016-38418 Amy Binny Philip 21-12-1993 F Sarbeswar Pal
6 2016-37752 Krishnaveni.S 08-07-1995 F Sarbeswar Pal
7 2016-35619 Joseph Judy 20-09-1996 M Sarbeswar Pal

School of Physics

S.No. Application ID Applicant Full Name Date of birth Gender Advisor name
1 2016-49697 M. Muthu 01-01-1995 M Dr. D. V. Senthilkumar
2 2016-47229 Arka Mitra 27-03-1994 M Dr. Joy Mitra
3 2016-46192 Aswin P M 06-09-1996 M Dr. Shankaranarayanan S
4 2016-41895 Bonjita Bora 18-03-1994 F Dr. Amal Medhi
5 2016-47897 FELIX MATHEW 31-08-1996 M Dr. Ramesh Chandra Nath
6 2016-46491 Somesh Kumar Sahu 29-11-1995 M Dr. M Suheshkumar Singh
7 2016-48555 Bilvin Varughese 24-12-1995 M Dr. Bikas C. Das
8 2016-41539 Khilav Majmudar 22-04-1995 M Dr. Bindusar Sahoo
9 2016-47328 IPSITA BAR 24-10-1995 F Dr. Anil Shaji
10 2016-45808 G. Harith 16-08-1993 M Dr. M. M. Shaijumon
11 2016-47837 Supriya Prashant Mithagree 21-06-1997 F Dr Vinayak Kamble
12 2016-46997 SHIMNA MOHAMMED M 09-09-1994 F Dr. Deepshikha Jaiswal-Nagar
13 2016-46527 Mufaddal Travadi 23-03-1995 M Dr. Archana Pai
14 2016-44097 Siddhi Satish Khaire 12-09-1994 F Dr. Manoj Namboothiry

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