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Course Structure

The barrier between the traditional disciplines are fast disappearing. Modern research problems span a wide range of areas. It helps to have basic training in a range of disciplines to succeed in modern research. Accordingly, IISER TVM BS-MS curriculum is designed to be dominantly interdisciplinary.

  1. The BS-MS programme is of 10 semester duration.
  2. Each academic year has 2 semesters of roughly 16 weeks each
    1. Varsha Semester:August-December
    2. Vasanth Semester:January-May
  3. The first 2 years(ie. the first 4 semesters) will consist of foundation courses common to all students.
  4. 3rd and 4th year courses will be specialized in one Major(Biology,Chemistry,Physics or Mathematics) and one or more Minors.The fifth year will be devoted to a thesis by research.
  5. Please read the students guidebook for further details.
    1. BS-MS guide book of regulations
    2. Syllabus for Foundation courses
    3. BS-MS Full Syllabus ( Revised curriculum with effect from 2020 batch onwards )
    4. i2 Sciences Programme Brochure
    5. Hostel Regulations
    6. Code of Conduct

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