The national education policy 2020 envisages flexible and diverse academic programmes in higher education institutions allowing students to enter and exit each programme at various levels, obtaining commensurate credentials. The two year Master of Science (MS) programme of IISER Thiruvananthapuram is positioned in a manner that it bridges the flagship, five-year BS-MS programme of the institute with the PhD programme. The MS programme will extend the training in science set in a vibrant research environment that is the signature of IISERs to bright undergraduate students selected competitively from across the country. The MS programme is expected to feed into the PhD programme of the institute while encouraging the students to take up further studies that leads to a career in scientific research, development, innovation and teaching.

Program Highlights

The MSc program of IISER TVM is conceived to provide an immersive and flexible learning experience set in a vibrant research environment. Key highlights of the program include:

  • Flexible syllabus with electives offered from second semester onwards. Carefully curated core courses with up-to-date content that give a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the exciting frontiers of modern scientific research.
  • Electives can be taken from any of the schools giving the program a strong interdisciplinary character.
  • One and two credit modules/short courses integrated into the curriculum that can be taken either to as a refresher to background material or as stand-alone introductions to exciting new frontiers.
  • Unique flexibility in choosing the duration of the MSc project ranging from one semester to a year depending on the interest and focus of each student.
  • Challenging and diverse learning environment with courses run jointly with the existing BS-MS and Integrated-PhD programs of the institute and students joining from all over the country.


Admission to the MS programme will on national level online screening tests in each subject conducted by IISER TVM. Selection from the candidates shortlisted on the basis of the screening test will be through interviews conducted by the respective schools.


Students admitted to the MS programme will not be eligible for any fellowship from the institute.

Regulations, Guidelines & Course Structure

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