Dr Bandan Chakrabortty
Assistant Professor Grade I (Biology)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778357

I am a computational biologist with formal training in theoretical physics and applied mathematics and hold a Ph.D. in computational and developmental biology. I am particularly interested in understanding physical and biomechanical principles that drive morphogenesis in living organisms. In the process of following my interest, I made a major field shift - twice. Once from physics to biology, and the second time from plant systems to animal systems. In addition to my technical expertise, I have been actively involved in working with experimental biologists both in plant and animal laboratories. Working in an interdisciplinary setup allowed me to understand that a lot of the experimental challenges can be efficiently addressed via computational modeling. Through an interdisciplinary approach, I aim to develop computational models to predict the outcome of a biological process based on available experimental evidence, which guides new experiments to challenge the predictions and offer an optimized model-experiment framework for biological discoveries. I also work on developing novel software tools for analyzing microscopic images for quantitative modeling. I love teaching and interacting with young students.

My lab is particularly interested in "Understanding the physical and biomechanical principles that drive Morphogenesis"

The focus of the research in my lab is developing multiscale computational modeling frameworks to understand:

  • molecular basis of growth coordination during plant morphogenesis 
  • dynamic feedback control of cell polarity maintenance during tissue repair (wound healing) during animal morphogenesis 

Students from biology/physics/mathematics disciplines and passionate about understanding the complexities of biological systems are ideal for my group