Dr Gokulnath Sabapathi
Assistant Professor Grade I (Chemistry)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778052

Mr. A. Kalaiselvan, PHD162005

Ph.D. Student, CSIR Fellow, Joined the Group: Jan 2016

Research Interest: Carbazole embedded porphyrin- Synthesis, sensing and metal coordination. 

Other Interests: Trekking, swimming and cooking.

Contact: kalaiselvan16@iisertvm.ac.in

Mr. Sulfikarali Thondikkal, PHD161031

Ph.D. Student, CSIR Fellow, Joined the Group: Aug 2016

Research Interest: p- and m-phenylene linked cyclic molecules and its optoelectronic properties. 

Other Interest: Playing music, football, travelling and sightseeing. 

Contact: sulfikarali16@iisertvm.ac.in

Mr. Ajay Jayaprakash, PHD161001

Ph.D. Student, Inspire Fellow, Joined the Group: Aug 2016

Research Interest: Planar antiaromatic compounds and NIR functional materials

Other Interests: Watching movies, singing, badminton. 

Contact: ajp16@iisertvm.ac.in

Ms. Ruth Mariam Ipe, PHD171017

Ph.D. Student, Institute Fellow, Joined the Group: Aug 2017

Research Interest: pi-Extended Porphyrinoids and bis-Carbaporphyrinoids incorporating Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) and its applications in optoelectronics.

Other Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, exploring new places and cuisines, playing badminton. 

Contact: ruth17@iisertvm.ac.in

Ms. Anjana P. Nambiar, IPHD16004

Integrated Ph.D. Student, Institute Fellow, Joined the Group: Aug 2018

Research Interest: Twisted and curved macrocycles embedded with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and pi-extended BODIPY derivatives.

Other Interests: Painting, reading, travelling, watching movies and photography.

Contact: anjanapnambiar16@iisertvm.ac.in