Dr Gokulnath Sabapathi
Associate Professor (Chemistry)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778052

Theory Courses

  • CHY121 Concepts in Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHY311 Advanced Coordination Chemistry
  • CHY321 Organometallic Chemistry
  • CHY411 Main Group Chemistry
  • CHY421 Chemistry of s, p and f-block Elements
  • CHY4101 Bioinorganic Chemistry 
  • CHY611 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHY619 Research Methodology

Lab Courses

  • CHY122 Chemistry Lab II
  • CHY325 Advanced Inorganic Laboratory

Research Areas

  • Macrocyclic systems
  • Planar Aromatic and Antiaromatic systems
  • Porphyrin based Dye-Sensitized Solar cells (DSSC)