Dr N. Sadananda Singh
Assistant Professor Grade I (Biology)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778047

We are interested in investigating genetic factors and mechanism behind biological system and response to external agents. Major areas of thrust would be:

  1. Application of genome editing technologies for finding genetic factors responsible for response to drug treatment. The response could be either adverse or protective reaction. We are especially interested in cytotoxic drugs.
  2. Application of genome editing technologies to find factors involved in certain biological process using human cell lines as model system either by disruption, deletion or induction of particular gene or region.
  3. Development of CRISPR-Cas technology for those systems where the technology is not exploited yet.
  4. Diagnosis and hunting for genetic factors involved lipid disorder. Molecular genetic analysis for lipid disorder (of particular interest to us, cholesterol disorder) are rarely performed and is needed to understand the disorder and to segregate genetic factors from external factors.