Dr Poonam Thakur
Assistant Professor Grade I (Biology)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778254



Candidates interested in applying for PhD and Postdoctoral positions are strongly encouraged to contact me for preliminary inquiries. They should have a strong interest in pursuing research in any aspect of Parkinson's disease. Candidates should send their resume and a research statement (1-2 page) highlighting their previous research experience, their motivation for perusing this line of research and what they would like to do in my lab. The most important qualities that I am looking for in a candidate are - EnthusiasmDrive and Motivation. Candidates should have excellent communication skills, the ability to work in a team and good interpersonal skills.


All emails from prospective candidates are answered. In case you do not hear back for 2 weeks, you can send a reminder email. Before writing to me please ensure you have gone through the following information and tailored your application.

  1. External short-term (< 6 months) trainees or dissertation requests are currently not being considered (Email inquiries for these will not be responded).

  2. No research/project assistant positions are available in the lab (Email inquiries for these will not be responded).

  3. IISER-Tvm students approaching for short projects must mention the tentative time and duration for which they want to work in the lab.

  4. Please send your CV with your first email.

  5. If you are writing to enquire about PhD positions, please ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the IISER-Tvm PhD programme.

  6. Please see this blog written by Dr Vishu Guttal from IISC and this blog by Dr Karishma Kaushik et al on how to write emails, CV, cover letters and motivation statement,s and common mistakes to avoid.


PhD positions

No positions are open currently. For details about the PhD program in general see http://iisertvm.ac.in/pages/phd_programme

Postdoc positions

People interested in Post-doctoral positions (with their own fellowship) are also encouraged to apply. Candidates should have a strong interest in Parkinson's disease research. Experience in some of the following skills is essential - mouse handling, behavioural analysis, immunohistochemistry, Matlab coding, and electrophysiology. 

Interested candidates should write to me with a statement of interest and a description of previous research experience. If you need a host lab for the application process, you can contact me. 

Major Project for Master's students

IISER-Tvm BS-MS students interested in carrying out their major projects in the lab are welcome to apply. Students must apply with a CV and motivation statement.

Students from other institutes interested in carrying out Msc/MTech dissertation projects cannot be accommodated.

Summer Training/ Short Projects/Internships 

No internship positions are available in the lab. Email inquires regarding these will not be responded to.