Dr Poonam Thakur
Assistant Professor Grade I (Biology)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778254

Lab is committed to building an inclusive and open scientific ecosystem. One of the steps towards this goal is to openly share and discuss our scientific journey, what hampered us and what facilitated us. Lab loves to use social media and other popular scientific platforms to discuss these topics. Some examples where I have contributed my thoughts- 

1. Travel Blockers: What Gets in the Way of Early Career Travel? Thought in this report on Medium

2. How has YIM impacted your scientific journey? (Part 1) https://indiabioscience.org/columns/indiabioscience-blog/how-has-yim-impacted-your-scientific-journey-part-1

3. How has YIM impacted your scientific journey? (Part 2) https://indiabioscience.org/columns/indiabioscience-blog/how-has-yim-impacted-your-scientific-journey-part-2

4. Starting a lab amidst a pandemic. Blog post in Nature India 

5. What lies ahead for Indian researchers post COVID-19. Article in QuintFit

6. Moving forward with wisdom from past. Interview in Cogito137- a student magazine from IISER-Kolkatta. 

7. Starting a lab during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coverage in Journal of Cell Biology (JCB)