Dr Ramesh Rasappan
Associate Professor (Chemistry)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778051
Earlier publications:
13. Sandford, C.; Rasappan, R.; Aggarwal, V., Synthesis of Enantioenriched Alkylfluorides by the Fluorination of Boronate Complexes.
J. Am. Chem.Soc. 2015, accepted 
Impact Factor: 12.113
12. Rasappan, R.; Aggarwal, V. K., Synthesis of hydroxyphthioceranic acid using a traceless lithiation-borylation-protodeboronation strategy.
Nature Chemistry, 20146, 810-814.
Impact Factor: 21.757 
11. Stefan R, Christopher A. B, Maziar M, Alexander P. P, Rasappan R, Daniel J. B, Stéphanie E, Daniele L and Varinder K. A., Stereospecific conversion of alcohols into pinacol boronic esters using lithiation–borylation methodology with pinacolborane. 2014Chemical Communications 50, 4053-4055.
Impact Factor: 6.718 
10. Rueping, M.; Rasappan, R.; Raja, S.Asymmetric Proline-Catalyzed Addition of Aldehydes to 3H-Indol-3-ones: Enantioselective Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydro-1H-indol-3- ones with Quaternary Stereogenic Centers.
Helvetica Chimica Acta. 2012, 95, 2296-2303
9. Rasappan, R.; Olbrich, T; Reiser, O., Highly efficient recyclable fluorous tag Immobilized azabox in distinct asymmetric reactions.
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2009351, 1961-1967.
Citations: 23 Impact Factor: 5.542 
8. Rasappan, R.; Reiser, O., Cyclohexane-1,2-diamines: Efficient Catalysts for the Enantioselective Conjugate Addition of Ketones to Nitro Olefins.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2009, 1305–1308.
Citations: 34 Impact Factor: 3.154 
7. Schätz, A.; RasappanR.; Hager, M.; Gissibl, A.; Reiser, O., Dependence of Enantioselectivity on Ligand/Metal-Ratio in the Asymmetric Michael Addition of Indole to Benzylidene Malonates: Electronic Influence of Substrate.
Chemistry - A European Journal 200814, 7259-7265. 
Citations: 43 Impact Factor: 5.696 
6. Rasappan, R.; Laventine, D.; Reiser, O., Metal-bis(oxazoline) complexes: From coordination chemistry to asymmetric catalysis.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2008252, 702-714.
Citations: 79 Impact Factor: 12.098 
5. Gissibl, A.; Padie, C.; Hager, M.; Jaroschik, F.; Rasappan, R.; Cuevas-Yanez, E.; Turrin, C. O.; Caminade, A. M.; Majoral, J. P.; Reiser, O., Synthesis and Application of Phosphorus Dendrimer Immobilized Azabis(oxazolines).
Organic Letters 2007, 9, 2895-2898. 
Citations: 62 Impact Factor: 6.324 
4. Rasappan, R.; Hager, M.; Gissibl, A.; Reiser, O., Highly Enantioselective Michael Additions of Indole to Benzylidene Malonate Using Simple Bis(oxazoline) Ligands: Importance of Metal/Ligand Ratio.
Organic Letters 2006, 8, 6099-6102. (Highlighted in synfacts, Hot article) 
Citations: 80 Impact Factor: 6.324 
3. Rasappan, R.; Reiser, O. "methyl diazoacetate (First update)"
Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Wiley-VCH 2006:EROS2006. 
2. Manian, R. D. R. S.; Jayashankaran, J.; Rasappan, R.; Raghunathan, R., Rapid synthesis of tetrahydroquinolines by indium trichloride catalyzed mono- and bis-intramolecular imino Diels- Alder reactions.
Tetrahedron Letters 2006, 47, 7571-7574. 
Citations: 10 Impact Factor: 2.391 
1. Kaanumalle, L. S.; Rasappan, R.; MurthyMaddipatla, V. S. N.; Nithyanandhan, J.; Jayaraman, N.; Ramamurthy, V., Dendrimers as Photochemical Reaction Media. Photochemical Behavior of Unimolecular and Bimolecular Reactions in Water-Soluble Dendrimers.
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2005, 70, 5062-5069. 
Citations: 29 Impact Factor: 4.638