Dr Vishnu S Nair
Assistant Professor Grade I (Earth, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778358

Growing up in Kerala, renowned as the gateway to the South Asian monsoon, my fascination with watching clouds during the monsoons shaped my journey to become a meteorologist. Studying meteorology to earn a PhD has revolved around understanding weaker cyclonic systems, such as the monsoon low-pressure system. This system significantly influences India's rainy season, impacting our daily lives, yet it also presents challenges like frequent heavy rainfall leading to catastrophic floods. In my first international postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley, I created a new way to track these low-pressure systems all over the globe, and the data I contributed is widely used by meteorologists worldwide. Now, I'm focusing more on understanding the changes in the nature of these systems, their impact on extreme weather events, and what the future might hold.

As a climatologist, I've worked on projects exploring the variability of monsoon and its synoptic-scale systems and part of climate change reports for India. In my second postdoc at IRD-France, I focused on the Pacific islands, making simulations for their future climate to help them prepare better. Starting in January 2024, I'm beginning a new phase at IISER-TVM, where I'll study how climate change impacts monsoons and other weather patterns.