Best Poster Award at RPGR 2023 Bengaluru for Puranjay Saha

Photo of Mr. Puranjay Saha receiving the best poster award.

Many congratulations to Mr. Puranjay Saha, a Senior Research Fellow from the eNDR Laboratory led by Dr. Bikas C. Das, Associate Professor, at the School of Physics. He received the best poster award in the annual international conference on “Recent Progress in Graphene and 2D Materials Research” (RPGR 2023) held at the LaLiT Ashok in Bangalore, India, from November 20-23, 2023. The Best Poster Award carries an e-book voucher from Springer worth 100 Euros and a cash award worth INR 5000.

Published : 07-12-2023 10:24 AM, Updated : 07-12-2023 10:44 PM