Colloquium on Next Generation Proteomics and Biomarker Discoveries

Colloquium on "Next Generation Proteomics and Biomarker Discoveries" by Prof. K Dhramalingam

Abstract:Proteomics has matured into a technology, which is reproducible, comprehensive and could explore all facets of protein chemistry in addition to identification. Understanding post -translational modifications, quantitation of multiple species at femtomole level in a single sample and protein- protein interaction are all aspects amenable to analysis by modern proteomics workflow. Only step that is yet to be completed is the commercial interest in the development and application of this technology as has been done for whole genome sequencing. From that viewpoint it can be said that still proteomics needs intelligent approaches to comprehend protein molecules and also the dynamic nature of the proteins makes the routine analysis a bit complicated. However, with certain amount of input one could easily master the techniques. In this talk I will highlight the current proteomics techniques and also discuss some of the applications, which are relevant to clinical research since Clinical proteomics is emerging as a technology of choice for the individual based medicine.

Venue: CETAA Hall

Date and Time: 05-09-2014 5:00PM

Published : 08-10-2014 09:21 AM, Updated : 08-10-2014 09:21 AM