List of items required for the stay in the Hostel for New Students

Being a fully residential Institute, all the students are required to stay in the Institute hostel. All the students will be provided with furnished hostel accommodation on double occupancy along with roommate.

The following items are will be required for your comfortable stay in the hostels and it is highly advisable that students may bring the following along with them on the day of arrival:

  1. Mattress (72 * 36 inches) & Pillow - 1 each
  2. Bed sheets - at least 2
  3. Pillow cover - 2
  4. Soap dish - 1 each
  5. Umbrella- 1
  6. Torch- 1
  7. Padlocks – 2
  8. Buckets & Mug - 2 each
  9. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, nail cutter, hangers
  10. Other items are required for academic purposes

It is reiterated that the students may bring the above items with them before reaching the campus for their comfortable stay

Please note that accompanying parents/ guardians will not be permitted to stay overnight in the campus.

A list of hotels nearby is available here

For clarification on how to reach campus (if any) contact:
Security Control Desk: 0471-2778028
IISER Thiruvananthapuram
Maruthamala PO, Vithura
Thiruvananthapuram-695551, Kerala, India

Published : 24-07-2023 05:01 PM, Updated : 29-12-2023 03:38 PM