NCM Workshop on Complex Fluids and Liquid Crystals

Research in materials and complex fluids has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years with the advent of metamaterials, nano-materials, biomaterials, polymers, microfluidics, smart fluids etc. Nematic liquid crystals are paradigm examples of soft materials and complex fluids that are intermediate in character between conventional solids and liquids, and have attracted huge academic interest. In fact, several soft materials are also classified as complex fluids with unusual mechanical, optical and rheological properties.

The mathematics of complex fluids and nematics is broad and rich, spanning multiple branches of mathematics such as calculus of variations, nonlinear PDEs, numerical analysis, topology, stochastic analysis and scientific computation.

The training school is structured to be a set of introductory courses to the mathematics, modelling, analysis and applications of complex fluids and nematic liquid crystals.

Published : 27-05-2022 10:01 AM, Updated : 27-05-2022 10:01 AM