Publication by Dr. Tuhin Maity in Nature Electronics

Congratulations to Dr Tuhin Maity, Assistant Professor, School of Physics, for his publication in the the journal Nature Electronics. With the speedy outspread of the digital world, ICT is predicted to exploit ~20% of the world’s total electricity by 2030. Data centers around the world are expected to eat one-third of its portion which is generally more than the national energy consumption of many countries. Dr. Tuhin Maity, along with other researchers, has been able to fabricate self-assembled vertically aligned triple composite which can be used to fabricate ultra-low-power electronics.

Wu, R., Zhang, D., Maity, T. et al. Self-biased magnetoelectric switching at room temperature in three-phase ferroelectric–antiferromagnetic–ferrimagnetic nanocomposites. Nature Electronics 4, 333–341 (2021).

Published : 26-05-2021 09:44 AM, Updated : 26-05-2021 09:44 AM