Tropical Pollination Biology Meeting

Tropical Pollination Biology Meeting is being organised as a platform to exchange ideas, share knowledge and foster meaningful collaborations between scientists and organisations working in the broad realm of pollination biology. The meeting is being held under the aegis of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and organised by Dr Hema Somanathan (IISER TVM) and Dr Almut Kelber (Lund University, Sweden).

The focus of the meeting is pollination ecology, conservation of pollinators and their habitats, and behavioural ecology of pollinator species in the tropics. To this end, the meeting will host a variety of talks by scientists (from India and Sweden) as well as organisations which are involved in pollinator conservation. The meeting is being held from 17-18 October, 2019 and will culminate in a discussion session to flesh out future directions of research which will improve our understanding of pollination biology.